Studio Policy

MONTHLY TUITION:  Tuition is based on the total number of hours per week per student.  The 2022-2023 Season Tuition Rates are listed below.

1 Hour - $44 ♦ 2 Hours - $82 ♦ 2.5 Hours - $97 ♦ 3 Hours - $112 ♦ 3.5 Hours - $127 ♦ 4 Hours - $142

  • Payment is due on the 1st of the month with a $5.00 late fee on the 15th .
  • If there is still a balance due at the end of the month the student is not able to participate until the entire balance is paid, including the coming month's tuition.
  • You can pay tuition and fees online by clicking 'Payments' on the header menu.
  • Tuition may also be sent, using bill pay, to the studio address - 12244 S.  Business Park Drive Suite 150 Draper 84020
    • Make checks payable to “Jolley's Gymnastic Tumbling”.  Put your child's full name on the memo line.
  • Tuition is the same every month independent of how many classes are offered or attended.

AUTOMATIC PAYMENT: Jolley's Gym offers automatic payments.  You can sign up to be automatically billed for tuition, costume & performance fees, leotards, and other expenses; not including private lessons.  This is an optional payment method for most students.  See the payments page for more details on auto pay.

ENROLLMENT: Jolley's Gym is an all female studio.  Prospective students can check out our new students page for more information and to sign up.

COMMITMENT & PERFORMANCE FEE: Mandatory fee for all performing (two-day-a-week) classes - $40.00 due with September tuition (non-refundable or transferable).  Must be paid before October to continue in a two-day-a-week class.  The $40.00 will be the first of two payments towards your daughter’s costume should she continue with us.  The second payment for the costume/performance fee will be due with November's tuition.  The second portion of the fee will be between $40.00-$50.00 based on the cost of the performance leotard.

PERFORMANCES: All performing (two-day-a-week) classes have two mandatory performances during the year – December and May.  If you have a schedule conflict that cannot be helped, your daughter’s performance spot will be replaced by another student.

DRESS CODE: Please see for current dress code information.

HAIR: Pulled back out of face. No bobby pins! They fall out onto the mat. Avoid clips and big bows

SHOE FREE ZONE: Students and parents remove shoes when entering.  Clean bare feet please!

YOUR CHILD'S PROGRESS: Progress is determined greatly by regular class attendance and home practice. Your child can only do a trick that she is strong and conditioned enough to do.  We recommend 30 minutes per day, and encourage having a practice mat at home. 

MAKEUP CLASSES: Jolley's Gym does not offer make up classes or credit for missed classes.  Monthly tuition reserves your daughter's spot in the class.  Our classes are broken out by age and skill level, with most classes being full.  It would be logistically impractical to accommodate makeup classes.

CLASS PLACEMENT: Students are placed in classes according to age and skill level.  Class changes are made throughout the year if and when needed.

DROP OFF/PICK UP: Please see for the current drop off and pick up procedures.

FOOD, DRINK, AND GUM: We encourage all students to bring a resealable water bottle (water only) to class with them.  We do not allow food, gum, or any liquid (besides water) in the studio.

REST ROOMS - PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD VISIT THE RESTROOM BEFORE CLASS.  Restrooms are located in the hallway behind the studio. Other tenants in the building have access to them.   For your child’s safety, a classmate or class assistant must accompany your child.  Valuable time is lost.

YOUR CHILD'S SAFETY will always be our top priority, but as with any sport, there is a chance of injury.  Before participating, parents sign a waiver acknowledging their understanding of the risk and relieving Jolley's Gym of liability for any injury.

COMMUNICATION: Information will be emailed out from &  Please check your email regularly.  If you aren't getting our emails check your spam/junk folders.  Important information, tuition statements, and upcoming event schedules will all be sent via email.