Dress Code

The Jolley's Gym dress code is for the safety of our staff and students.  We do all hands-on spotting and need to make sure the teachers are not getting caught on the student's clothing while working with them.

We require a leotard (or unitard) with a high back.  The following are not permitted: spaghetti straps, low back, racer back, halter top, two piece outfits, decorative holes, or attached skirts.  Leotards need to be sized correctly.  The student can not be in a leotard that is too big or too small.

No shorts worn over the leotard.  The student can wear fitted athletic shorts or leggings under the leotard.  No loose fitting shorts of any kind are allowed.

If your student does not wear an approved leotard the following will occur.  First infraction consists of participating in class (providing they are in a one piece leotard) but not being spotted by Jolley’s staff.  Parents will receive a phone call.  If they do not have appropriate attire a second time they will not be able to participate in class.

Leotards are available in Room 1 for $42.00.  While all students must wear a leotard that meets the above criteria, you do not need to purchase a leotard through Jolley's Gym.

Below are examples of leotards that do and do not meet our dress code.  If there are any questions on the dress code, please speak to a member of our staff.

Jolley's Gym Approved Leotards

These three leotards all meet the Jolley's Gym dress code requirements.  

Unapproved Leotards - Decorative Holes

While these five leotards meet the high back/neckline requirement, they have decorative holes that do not meet the dress code.  These leotards could be altered to meet the dress code by sewing fabric to fill in the holes.  If you choose to do this, all straps must be securely sewn to the fabric. You can not fix the decorative holes by wearing a layer under the leotard.

Unapproved Leotards - Low & Wide Back

These leotards have a back/neckline that is too low and wide.  They do not meet the dress code.  They can not be altered to bring them into conformance with the dress code.  

Unapproved Leotards - Racer Back

This leotard has a racer style back.  It does not meet the dress code.  While this leotard has a high neck line, the shoulder blades must be completely covered.