No classes Wed to Fri. Nov 22nd to 24th

There will be class on Saturday Nov. 25th

Next evaluation Saturday Dec. 2nd at 8:30 am

New students. There is no cost or sign up requirements to be evaluated.

$15.00 fee due with registration. (Cash or check) No credit cards

Please look under new student for more information.

The in-studio performance schedule is as follows:

Monday Dec. 11th
10:00-K1,    10:30-4A,   11:00-Kinder1,   12:30-4B,   1:00-K5,   1:30-4C,   2:00-K6   
4:30-Gold,   5:00-AirBorne,   5:30-Gymettes,  6:00-Pink,   6:30-Shimmer,   7:00-Sparkle,   7:30-Glitter

Tuesday Dec. 12th
9:30-4D,   10:00-K2,   10:30-4/5,   11:00-K3,   11:30-4E,   12:30-4F,   1:00-Kinder2,   1:30-4G,   2:00-K4
4:30-Crystal,   5:00-Glitz,   5:30-Yellow,   6:00-Tumbleairs,   6:30 Shine,   7:00-Bright

Wednesday Dec. 13th
4:30-Purple,   5:00-Limbers,   5:30-Aerials,   6:00-Blue,   6:30-Periwinkle,   7:00-Orange,   7:30-Red

Thursday Dec. 14th
4:30-Springers,   5:00-Silver,   5:30-Diamond,   6:00-Black,   6:30-Trickairs,   7:00-Tumblettes,   7:30-Green

Jolleys Gym is not in open enrollment. Students accepted upon evaluation.

August 2017 Newsletter

  • Posted August 4, 2017

Jolley’s Gymnastic Tumbling –  August 2017

(801) 699-8106      12244 S. Business Park Drive Suite 150, Draper Utah 84020


Labor Day Recess: Sept. 2nd and Sept. 4th – No Class held

Fall Break: October 19th, 20th, & 21st – No class held

Halloween: Tuesday Oct. 31st – No class held

Thanksgiving Break: November 22nd, 23rd, & 24th – No class held  (Yes class held on Sat. Nov. 25th)

Dec. Performance Week (in-studio):  Dec. 11th thru Dec. 14th (Each class will be assigned ½ hr. time slot)

Christmas break: Friday Dec. 22nd through Jan. 1st - no class held.

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