Flying High and Loving It

Next Evaluation Saturday, September 20th @ 9:00 AM

Costumes: It takes a couple months for the seamstresses to make such a large number of custom costumes. If your daughter cannot perform we need to know immediately or we will not be able to cancel the order and you will be responsible for the cost. The costume will be used three times this year, two performances and pictures.

Costume & performance fee for the year is $65.00 and is now due.

Performance Times December 2014



4:30        Tumblettes

5:00        Yellow

5:30        Diamond

6:00        Purple

6:30        Tumbleair



9:30        K1

10:00     K2

10:30     K3

11:00     4A

11:30     4B

12:00     4C

12:30     4D

1:00        K4

1:30        K5

2:00        K6

4:30        Periwinkle

5:00        Glitter

5:30        Sparkle

6:00        Crystal

6:30        Aerials

7:00        Green

7:30        Blue



10:00     K Prep 1

10:30     4E

1:00        K Prep 2

1:30        4F

4:30        Orange

5:00        Silver

5:30        AB Sr

6:00        Gold

6:30        Gymettes

7:00        Shimmer

7:30        Pink

8:00        Limbers



5:00        Black

5:30        Shine

6:00        AB Jr

6:30        Red

7:00        Glitz

7:30        Springers

Jolleys Gym is not in open enrollment. Students accepted upon evaluation.

August 2014

  • Posted July 31, 2014

Jolley’s Gymnastic Tumbling – August

(801)-699-8106   12244 S.  Business Park Drive Suite 150,


Welcome back to class.  Hope your summer has been great!  We will pick up where we left off with our class assignments.  We will be making a lot of changes this month as vacancies become available.  Remember to address your class scheduling conflicts with your daughter’s teacher.  Sometimes we can make things work, and sometimes we cannot.


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