November Newsletter

Dear Jolley’s Gym Parents,

Last night Governor Herbert updated Utah’s COVID restrictions to slow the spread of COVID-19 that is overwhelming our healthcare system.  The governor’s message and mandate can be found at

Social gatherings and extra curricular activities have been identified as the areas where spread is occurring most frequently.  New statewide restrictions have been instituted and everyone is asked to avoid social gatherings over the next two weeks.  In addition, many extra curricular activities are being curtailed or altered.  We take the safety of our students, teachers, and families seriously.  While we’re excited to resume classes starting Tuesday November 10th, we will be making some changes to ensure their continued safety at our studio.

Starting Tuesday November 10th, and through at least November 21st, all students participating at Jolley’s Gym will need to wear a mask for the entirety of their class or lesson.  Remember that masks must not only be worn at Jolley’s Gym, but must be worn properly; covering both the nose and mouth.  Please make sure your daughter has a mask that fits her securely as she will be tumbling with it on.  We will also be modifying the structure of our classes to strive for social distancing.

There will be no observing students from the windows or congregating on the sidewalk.  Please wait in your vehicles while your daughter is in class.  When coming to the door to pick up your daughter make sure you wear a mask and remain socially distant with the other parents.  Strive to have only one person come pick up your child.

Do not park in the handicap stall unless you have the appropriate tags to do so.  Make sure you pick up your daughter on time and do not drop her off more than 10 minutes early for class.  We do not have the space or staff to accommodate extra students.

We appreciate our staff, students, and their families’ efforts.  These efforts have resulted in minimal cases among our staff and students and no spread at Jolley’s Gym.  It has been hard work, but together we can do hard things.  While those ages 15-24 are spreading the disease the most, we request parents discuss the importance of proper mask wearing.  Please continue to keep students home who are not feeling well and get tested if they’ve been exposed or are showing COVID symptoms.  Also, if a member of your family tests positive please follow all quarantine procedures.

Thank you for your continued support.  We feel incredibly blessed to work with so many amazing students.  We know we can overcome this by working together.

-Rachel & Crystal

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