October Newsletter

Happy Fall!

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their regular classes as much as we enjoy teaching them.  We are excited to be working consistently with our students again.

We would ask that you read carefully through all the information below.  

Upcoming Important Dates

  • October 15th -17th Fall Break – No Classes
  • October 31st Halloween – Classes as Normal
    • We will not be holding our Trick-or-Treat this year
  • November 25th-27th Thanksgiving Break – No Classes
    • Saturday classes will be held as normal on the 28th
  • December 22nd – January 1st Christmas Break – No Classes
    • Classes will resume on Saturday January 2nd

All season class breaks and dates can be found at jolleysgym.com/class-schedule

COVID-19 Protocols

As you note the protocol changes please remember that our first goal is to keep our students safe.  Secondary to that we are doing what is necessary to continue teaching classes.

Starting October 5th all students will be required to wear a mask when arriving to class.  If your daughter doesn’t have a mask, they will be provided a mask at the cost of $1; this will be assessed to your daughter’s account.  As the weather turns colder we will be moving our symptom checking inside the studio; weather permitting we will continue to symptom check outside.  Please assess your children before sending them to tumbling so we don’t have any surprises when we perform our check.  We will need all students to wear masks as they enter the building until they have been symptom checked and the teacher begins class.  Once class starts, the students are permitted to remove their mask for the duration of the team practice.

Parents are required to wear a mask if they are watching, dropping off, or picking up.  Social distancing is not possible as people congregate around the doors and windows.  Please help us out by wearing your mask as you approach the studio for any reason.  Be respectful of our staff should they need to remind you of this rule.

Even without the protocols for COVID-19, our teachers are busy working with their classes.  We do not have the staff to take care of students that arrive early or stay late.  Please drop off your children no more than 10 minutes before their class starts and be there when their class ends to pick them up.

All our COVID-19 protocols can be found at jolleysgym.com/covid-guidelines.

Parking lot etiquette

  • As you’re arriving and leaving the parking lot remember that there are children in the area.  Do not rush or speed.  Be courteous and help keep the students safe.
  • Talk to your children about parking lot safety and what you expect them to do after class.
  • We ask that you not becken your daughter from across the parking lot, especially as it gets darker at night.
  • Be on time to pick up your daughters so they aren’t wandering or looking for you.
  • We require all 3 year old, preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade students to be picked up on the sidewalk.  We recommend that older students be picked up on the sidewalk as well.  Remember to wear your mask when you do this.

Tuition Payment Change

To accommodate symptom checking inside the studio we will be removing the tuition box just inside the northeast door.  Tuition can be paid online at jolleysgym.com/pay-tuition.  If you’d like to continue paying by check you can mail payment to:

Jolley’s Gymnastic Tumbling

12244 South Business Park Drive

Suite 150

Draper, Utah 84020



If you choose to pay via check, we suggest using the bill pay feature at your banking institution.  This is often a free service and convenient for you and us.  We ask that you do not mail cash payments to us.


All students must wear a studio approved leotard.  We have this dress code for the safety of our students and staff.  If they do not wear appropriate attire the following will occur.  First infraction consists of participating in class (providing they are in a one piece leotard) but not being spotted by Jolley’s staff.  Parents will receive a phone call.  If they do not have appropriate attire a second time they will not be able to participate in class.

All leotards are now $35 payable to Jolley’s Gym.  This can be paid online, with exact cash, or with a check payable to Jolley’s Gym.  You will need to show your confirmation page or emailed receipt to get the leotard if you pay online.  We will not be renting leotards.

You can visit jolleysgym.com/studio-policy for more information.

Studio Jackets & Shirts

We have a limited number of XS blue jackets from last year ($30.00) and a number of the purple and black shirts in a variety of sizes ($14.00).  If you’re interested please email tumbling@jolleysgym.com to place an order.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons for the following month will be posted on the second to last Friday of the preceding month at 12:00 noon.  October private lessons are currently available through the website: jolleysgym.com/private-lessons.  November private lessons will be available on October 23rd.

You may sign up for one private lesson during the first 24 hours.  After that, you can sign up for any remaining times.  Private lessons are intended to reinforce and enhance regular class instruction.  They are not an alternative to regular lessons, nor are they a way to skip ahead and work on more advanced skills than are being worked on in class.  You can find all the private lesson information on the website.

Thanks for supporting us, we sincerely love working with all of you.

-Crystal Griffiths & Rachel Forsgren

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