Fall Season Information

What a Summer we had.  While it has been fun seeing some of our students back in the studio with our Summer Session and July Workshops, we have missed those we haven’t seen since March. 

We are excited to announce that our regular season will start this Fall.  Our 2020-2021 season will begin on Monday, August 31, 2020 and go through May 2021.  We anticipate having room for all our students.  We will continue the health & safety guidelines from summer into our regular season.

For those who were not able to attend classes with us this Summer, we will be holding group evaluations on August 6th, 7th, and 8thYou can sign up for an evaluation here.  In order to get a class placement for September, your daughter will need to be evaluated; there is no charge for the evaluation and there will not be a registration fee. These evaluations are for students who were enrolled in a class in March.  The evaluations will be broken up by skill level.  When you are signing up for an evaluation, please sign your daughter up for the highest skill that she has mastered, not the skill she is working on.  For example, if your daughter has a front walkover and is being spotted on back handsprings, she would need to sign up for the front walkover evaluation. The evaluation will take approximately 30 minutes. We will email out class assignments once we have completed all the evaluations. For prospective students who were not enrolled in March, please visit the new student section of our website.

The evaluations will follow the same COVID-19 protocols as our classes.  Students will need to be dropped off at our regular drop-off door where they will be checked for symptoms, as well as receive a basket for their things and some hand sanitizer.  Students need to wear a mask when they are dropped off and picked up, so make sure your daughter brings one.  Once the evaluation starts all symptom-checked students may remove their mask if they’d like.  Please see our website for all health & safety guidelines.  We are not able to use the drinking fountains at this time, so please send a water bottle with your daughter. (WATER ONLY. No juice, Gatorade, Crystal Light, etc.)  Parents will not be allowed inside during the evaluation, but can observe from the windows as long as they are wearing a mask.  We ask that siblings do not come on the sidewalk during the evaluation.

If you know a prospective student, in first grade or above, please visit the new student section of our website to sign up for an evaluation.  If you have a daughter you would like to sign up for our new Preschool and Kindergarten classes, please email us at tumbling@jolleysgym.com.

We love all our students.  Thanks for supporting us.

~Rachel & Crystal

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