05/15/2020 Update


Welcome to the yellow phase!  With this move the guidelines will again shift.  We appreciate your patience and support as we navigate the seemingly constant changes by the state and county.  The biggest change with moving to yellow is that we can spot girls in small groups.  Our conditioning classes are becoming mini-classes.  We are excited to get more girls in for instruction.  We are still limiting the number of girls per class to eight.

Private Lessons

We are not having priority sign ups for private lessons today.  However, private lessons are limited to one per household per week.  Any duplicate lessons will be deleted and will not be honored.

Mini Classes

  • These $15 classes will give your daughter 45 minutes of instruction, including hands on spotting.
  • We will still maintain 10’ of social distancing between students.
  • The students are able to use the whole length of the purple mats and with only eight girls in a class, will get plenty of one-on-one interaction with the instructor.
  • You may sign up each daughter for a single mini class starting Friday at noon.  After noon on Saturday you may sign your daughter up for any remaining classes that fit her skill level.
  • Please make sure you sign your daughter up for the appropriate class level.  Your daughter is considered having a skill when she can complete the skill successfully, and without aid, 8 out of 10 tries.  For example, your daughter has her front walkover when she completes it 8 out of 10 consecutive times.

Before the pandemic, private lessons were an additional service offered to those that were currently enrolled in the studio’s regular classes.  It is an add on service that supplements the class experience.  During this crisis we have amended our program to work within the county guidelines, support our teachers, and teach our students.  Now that the restrictions are lifting we ask you to please be understanding as we begin moving back to offering more group instruction.  We are constrained by the limits of time, space, and monetary obligations, from offering enough private lessons for everyone.

All students must be in a Jolley’s Gym approved leotard to participate in private lessons or classes.  There will still be no leotard rental available. Make sure your daughter is prepared with the appropriate attire.  Please review all the rules and sanitary guidelines on the private lesson & mini class sign up page.

Thank you for your continued support of our small business.  We love you and can’t wait to work with all our students again.

-Rachel Forsgren & Crystal Griffiths

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