4-30-2020 COVID Update

Fantastic Gymnastic Tumblers,

We’re on quite the roller coaster ride at the moment.  With the state of Utah moving from Red to Orange in May, Jolley’s Gym will once again be offering private lessons.  These lessons will start on Monday, May 4th.  We are excited to enter the stabilization phase of this crisis.  Hopefully all of us can continue to stay safe as we move towards normality.  In this newsletter you’ll find information on private lessons, including the safety and sanitation measures we’re taking to keep our students and staff safe.  We also have information on picture distribution and our tentative plans for next season.  If, after reading this newsletter, you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

Private Lesson Information:

  • In accordance with state guidelines and to protect both students and staff, we will be strictly enforcing the following safety and sanitation precautions.
    • Lessons are for individual students or sisters residing in the same household.  If anyone in your household has COVID-19 or any symptoms of the virus you are not allowed to sign up for private lessons.
    • Anyone signing up for private lessons must follow all state & Salt Lake County guidelines for the Moderate Risk or ‘Orange’ phase.  These guidelines can be found at coronavirus.utah.gov and slco.org/health/COVID-19.
    • Students and parents will wait in their car until the teacher opens the studio door and beckons them to come in. Please remind your students to not touch their face during the lesson.  Have your daughter bring a water bottle with her as the drinking fountains will not be available for use.
    • Parents and siblings not participating in lessons must wear a mask if they exit their car.  If parents wish to watch, please refrain from touching the windows.
    • Leotards will not be available for rent.  Your daughter will need to be in a Jolley’s Gym approved leotard for her lesson; she may wear her performance leotard.  We will not be able to spot your daughter if she is not in an approved leotard.
    • Students will enter and exit from the west door; going directly into their assigned room.  Teachers will open the door for them to enter and exit.  Students will use hand sanitizer at the beginning and end of each lesson.  Teachers will use hand sanitizer between each lesson.  Lessons will last 25 minutes so that teachers have time to disinfect the room, including the mat.
    • No cash or check payments will be accepted.  All payments must be made online at jolleysgym.com.
    • We will not be passing out pictures during private lessons.  Please see below for information on pictures.
    • All Jolley’s Gym staff will be checked for COVID-19 symptoms prior to their shift and will wear a mask for the duration of their shift.
    • We will be disinfecting & cleaning the studio including commonly touched surfaces each night.
  • Private lesson sign ups will be posted Fridays at noon. You can access the current and next week schedule at: jolleysgym.com/private-lessons.  For the first six hours after the week’s lessons are posted you may sign up for one lesson per currently enrolled student.  You may still share lessons with sisters in the same household.  This means, a household with three currently enrolled students may sign up for three lessons during that first six hour period.  After Friday at 6:00 pm you may sign up for any available lessons.  Each student may still only attend one lesson per day.
  • Those that prepaid for private lessons the week of March 30th will get an email with a priority sign up link at 10:00 am on Friday May 1st.  This is done as a consideration for the cancellation of those lessons.
  • Lessons cost $25 per half hour.  The March tuition credit cannot be used to pay for private lessons.  The tuition credit will be applied to monthly tuition when regular classes resume.  Any other credit on your account such as: prepaid tuition, Jazz ticket credit, or prepaid cancelled private lessons may be used to pay for the private lessons.  If you wish to use a credit you must email support@jolleysgym.com to get it applied.
  • Payments must be made before 8:00 am the day of the lesson.  If you sign up for an empty lesson slot after 8:00 am on the day of the lesson, please pay for the lesson immediately.  All lessons must be paid for online at jolleysgym.com or with a credit mentioned above.  You cannot sign up for lessons if there is a balance due on your account.  Watch for a statement in your inbox on May 1st.  Contact the office for any questions concerning your balance.
  • Please be courteous and respectful of others and don’t sign up for more lessons than you plan on using.  There are more students than spaces available.  If you cancel with less than 24 hour notice you will still be billed for the lesson unless the time slot fills up.  Check back throughout the week as cancellations do occur.

Picture Distribution:

  • We will be distributing pictures, including live shot CDs, two Saturdays in May, the 9th & 16th.  We will be at the studio from 9:00 am to noon each day.
  • We ask that you enter the parking lot from the North, off of 12200 South.  You will then drive in front of the studio, stay in your car, and we will bring your pictures to you.  Please exit the parking lot on the South West corner onto Lone Peak Parkway.
  • To pick up pictures you need to have taken care of any balance due on your account.  Please email support@jolleysgym.com or call/text 801.699.8106 for any questions on your balance.

Next Season:

The edict from the state and county is in place for two weeks.  Based on the current guidelines, Jolley’s Gym cannot operate as normal until we enter the Green phase.  We are currently in the Orange phase and will need to pass through Yellow to get to Green.  We are working on creating a modified class experience while in the Orange and Yellow phases.  As the county trends become more defined and we finalize our amended class offerings we will let you know our plans.

We are still accepting sign ups for new students, preschool and kindergarten age, for next season.  If you have a prospective student that age or know of anyone else with a child looking to start tumbling after this crisis resolves, they can sign up by contacting support@jolleysgym.com.  

Whether it’s during private lessons, a modified experience, or regular classes; our top priority is the safety of our students.  We also want to provide an experience that benefits your daughter and helps her progress.  While marrying these two objectives is difficult during the current crisis, we are dedicated to creating a structured yet positive environment where students and teachers can achieve their goals through discipline and dedication; together we can do hard things.

-Rachel Forsgren & Crystal Griffiths

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