Jolley’s Gymnastic Tumbling – October 2014

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Fall break – October 16th  17th  18th (Thurs. Fri., Sat.)  No class held

Halloween – Friday October 31st – No class held

Thanksgiving – November 27th 28th  29th  (Thurs., Fri., Sat.)  No class held

In-Studio Performance week – December 15th through the 18th

Christmas break – No class held Dec. 22nd through Jan 2nd.  (Class held Sat. Jan 3rd)

Martin Luther King Day – Monday Jan 19th – No class held

Observation Days - Feb. 3 & 4, team glitz and advanced prep on Feb. 5, team yellow on Feb. 6, and Saturday teams on Feb. 7. (All observation dates for the year are listed under studio policies.) 

President’s Day – Monday Feb. 16th – No class heldo

Utah Jazz Performance – March 16th for teams Gold, Silver, Diamond, and select Airborne Jr students.

Spring Break – April 2nd 3rd 4th (Thurs., Fri., Sat.,) No class held

Spring Performance – Monday May 18th at Corner Canyon High school Gymnasium for all classes except all pre-school classes, K1, K4, Team Crystal, Team Periwinkle and Team Limbers.  Those classes will perform during their regular class time  on a day during the same week.

Memorial Day/Season Break – May 25th through May 30th


December Performance – All two day a week classes are performance classes.  One day a week classes do not perform and will not need a costume.  Performances are not optional.  It is an important part of your daughter’s overall experience at Jolley’s.  If your daughter already has a performance day conflict, her spot on the mat will be given to someone else that wants the opportunity to perform.  Your daughter would then become a class alternate until something changes.  Performance in December is in-studio during 1/2 hour of her regular class time when possible.


Monday Dec. 15th         Tuesday Dec. 16th                   Wednesday Dec. 17th          Thursday Dec. 18th                                  

4:30 – Tumblettes          9:30 – K1     10:00 – K2            10:00 – K Prep 1                    5:00 - Black

5:00 – Yellow                 10:30 – K3    11:00 – 4A           10:30 – 4E                               5:30 - Shine

5:30 – Diamond             11:30 – 4B    12:00 – 4C            1:00 – K Prep 2                       6:00 – AirBorne Jr.

6:00 – Purple                  12:30 – 4D   1:00 – K4              1:30 – 4F                                 6:30 - Red

6:30 – Tumblairs            1:30 – K5      2:00 – K6 4:30 – Orange                         7:00 - Glitz

                                          4:30 - Periwinkle                        5:00 – Silver                            7:30 - Springers

                                          5:00 - Glitter                               5:30 – AirBorne Sr.

                                          5:30 - Sparkle                             6:00 - Gold

                                          6:00 - Crystal                              6:30 - Gymettes

                                          6:30 – Aerials                             7:00 - Shimmer

                                          7:00 – Green                               7:30 - Pink

                                          7:30 – Blue                                  8:00 - Limbers

COSTUMES:  Costumes have been ordered and money is Due ($65.00).  If you end up not performing, you are still responsible for the cost of the costume.  Costumes will be used for all events through May 2014 and are not to be worn at home or to class.


Trick Pins:  You may buy trick pins any time during the year as your daughter gains new skills.  $3.00

We are working on a few more pins to add to our collection and will let you know when available.


Practice MatsBlue 4X8   $190.00     Blue 5X10 -  $265.00,     Blue 4X12 – $282.00 

(We are out of 4X8 sizes.  Prices may go up for our Christmas order.  These are our last year’s mats)


Any questions regarding your child’s class and her progress must be addressed with her teacher.

Deanna, Rachel, Crystal and Courtney.

  • Posted October 6, 2014


Only the best teachers can create the best students

Jolleys Gymnastic Tumbling Staff

We have wonderful teachers that have a passion for helping their students excel. They are experienced and have the student’s safety as a priority. You can also count on them to be good role models with high moral standards. We also have the best of class assistants (mostly past students) who know our program inside and out, and are loyal to the studio and what we are trying to accomplish here at “Jolley’s Gym”.