New Student Information

Pre-school and half day kindergarten:  Classes for this age division run twice a week during the daytime hours.  Overflow classes (once a week) available when needed.  These classes are for students beginning late in the season and needing to catch up while waiting for a two day a week class. Currently we are offering the one day a week class. Contact the office at 801-699-8106 for more information. 

New student evaluations:  All students 1st grade on up must be evaluated before being placed in a class.  Students are evaluated, and placed in classes according to current age and skill level, and according to availability.  Beginning students would be placed in a Saturday morning class and moved up to week day classes as space becomes available and skill level increases.  Skill level requirements for week day classes is dependent upon age.

 To join a Saturday class, the student must have a cartwheel (right handed) to function in a class.   We offer private lessons (depending on availability) to students needing to learn a cartwheel.  Saturday classes are also divided up into age and skill level.  As your daughter gains new skills, her class assignment will change.  Students are usually able to move into a week day class by time they can do round-offs, back walkovers, and front walkovers.  Saturday classes are only temporary.  As students become more advanced, they must move into the week day classes.

Older students – Middle school age students must have both front and back walkovers, and round-off back handsprings to function in a class of her age.   Students 9 or 10 years old must have a back walkover to be assigned a class. 



      We hold evaluations on Saturday mornings at 8:30 a.m.   Usually once a month.  It takes 30 to 60 minutes depending on how many show up on any given week. There is no sign up or cost. Have your daughter wear a conservative leotard or unitard.  No halter top, spaghetti strap, two piece, decorative holes, or bare back outfits. Check “Studio Policies for “Dress Code”.   If needed, we will lend you a leotard or unitard  when you come.  Please come prepared with cash or check for registration ($15.00 registration fee) the day you come to have your daughter evaluated. 


Next evaluation is scheduled for:   Saturday​ April 28th at 8:30 am.

There is no cost or sign up requirements to be evaluated.

Only the best teachers can create the best students

Jolleys Gymnastic Tumbling Staff

We have wonderful teachers that have a passion for helping their students excel. They are experienced and have the student’s safety as a priority. You can also count on them to be good role models with high moral standards. We also have the best of class assistants (mostly past students) who know our program inside and out, and are loyal to the studio and what we are trying to accomplish here at “Jolley’s Gym”.