“Jolley’s Gym”  staff is dedicated to it’s young learners.  Our teachers have a passion for tumbling, and recognize the joy that comes from hard work and dedication.   We provide a clean, happy environment, nurturing a positive attitude in our students.   We teach love of fellow team mates, and respect for authority. As the young students work hard to gain new skills, their confidence and joy increases.  At the same time, the teachers are tryng to instill personal attitudes and skills to last a lifetime. Studio Motto: I CAN DO HARD THINGS!.   We believe the sky is the limit, and teach accordingly.  

  • Deanna Jolley

    Deanna Jolley Chief Executive Officer / Instructor

    Deanna has had a passion for tumbling since she was a little girl, and a passion for helping others learn new skills for about as long. She was Captain of her gymnastics team and loved helping her team mates. Later she helped teach gymnastics at the college she attended, and taught the gymnastics classes for the community school there. She started her own business teaching tumbling in the basement of her home as part of her pre-school, and has grown from there. She just finished her 20th year.

    Deanna is married to Kent who is now the Studio Office Manager. They have 5 children and 8 grandchildren. Deanna loves to hike, ride her bike, read, sew, play board games, be involved in her church, and work to make things grow in her yard in Bluffdale. Hawaii is her favorite vacation destination. Her passion is still teaching tumbling and watching her students excel.

  • Rachel Forsgren

    Rachel Forsgren Instructor

    Rachel, daughter of Deanna, has always been around tumbling and has loved tumbling herself. She taught her own class by time she was in high school. She was also on the drill team, in the marching band, Choir pianist, percussion ensemble member, academic decathalon team member, and played Powder Puff Football. She went to Brigham Young University on a piano and academic scholarship, but later changed her major, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in “Exercise Science”. She is married to Jon and they have two cats that they adore. Besides her passion for teaching tumbling, she loves to play volleyball, make quilts, read, go shopping, and run. She ran her first marathon spring of 2014.

  • Courtney Chatelain

    Courtney Chatelain Instructor

    Courtney was in Deanna’s very first preschool tumbling class 20 years ago. Deanna was her neighbor and loved to give Courtney extra help. Courtney loved it from the start. By age 11, Courtney became a class assistant to Deanna. With her great personality and tumbling skills, she made a great High School Cheerleader. We missed Courtney at the studio when she went off to college, but she missed us too and was soon back as part of our team. Her Happy and positive attitude, work ethic, and passion for tumbling makes her a great asset. Courtney is married to Steve who helps us out at special events. Besides her passion for tumbling, Courtney enjoys swimming, hiking, camping, and her new cat “Winnie Mae”.

  • Crystal Griffiths

    Crystal Griffiths Instructor

    Crystal, oldest daughter of Deanna, has many talents and has always loved to teach. She liked to write and direct little plays as a young girl. She loved community theatre and enjoyed doing Choir and Theatre in High school. She was the music director of several children’s musicals. She taught Piano and directed a children’s singing group before going to college on a vocal scholarship. She later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in vocal performance. She taught pre-school and private voice lessons until she decided she really enjoyed teaching gymnastics the most. She has a talent for teaching children and loves helping them excel. She is married to TeJay and they have two little boys and one dog.

  • Sara Hermansen

    Sara Hermansen Instructor

    Sarah is best friends with Courtney, and they both took tumbling with Deanna from the beginning. She was a perfect example of grace and flexibility. Sarah was a varsity cheerleader at Riverton High school. She also excelled as a ballerina. After High school, Sarah went to college locally as she assisted Deanna with her gymnastics classes and taught private lessons. Then she took a break while she filled an LDS mission to Chile for 18 months. We are glad to have her back. She is a favorite for private lessons, and is teaching her own classes for the first time this year. In her spare time, Sarah loves hiking, reading, running, and snow boarding.

  • Kent Jolley

    Kent Jolley Office Manager

    Kent has done many things in his career, including assistant manager of a retail store, owner of a fence company, and owner of a retail store. Deanna and Kent love the career change since they now get to work together. It also gives Kent flexibility so he can fill his responsibilities as an LDS bishop. Kent and Deanna were High school sweethearts and have been married for 34 years. Kent loves to hunt, fish, go camping, and vacation with Deanna to many different places. He also loves movies, doing magic tricks, driving a tractor, and playing with his grandkids.